Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have been gone. Gone from Wisconsin for a moment. Gone from work for a little. Gone from the cyber world for a time. It was nice. What can I say?

I started a vacation last week after working third shift and began that night attending the annual LPS Gala fund raiser! Thanks Ma and Pop for the invite! I attempted to shamelessly steal some photos off of the LPS website with no success. Oh, well. The photo's my family and friends appeared in were mostly back of the head shots anyhow! (If more family had been present, I'd be inserting a smart comment about the back of head shot being the best camera shots for some family members anyway. Lol. Too narrow of selection of attendees to drop that one.) You can check it out for yourself if you are interested by going to and clicking News and Events and then selecting the LPS Gala in the photo drop box.

After the Gala, less than 24hrs after, I was headed to the U.P.! Yup! Way up dehr, hey. I was visting a friend and got to take in a flavor of what it was like up nort dehr! I will have some pictures to post in the future of some of the trip which included coming back to Wisconsin for a Lambeau Field tour and a hotel stay next to an exceptional view and local attraction.

One of the things that stands out in my mind about the 2 1/2 day trip was the sight seeing drive I was taken on. I visited an old deer camp, (I mean old!), and saw hundreds of whitetail deer, (I mean hundreds!) and beautiful country land all in about a 30 minute drive. The deer stand out in my mind because of the countless hours I have spent hoping to see a deer during hunting season and then comparing it to one 1/2 hour of driving to see more deer than I have seen ever combined in the rest of my life! So in tribute to the deer sight seeing and the U.P. all in one, I present you with this...

Still a good song! Even if you have a no good brother law of yours from Illinoooois...

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