Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Weeks Until "No Name" Changes Everything

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks from our due date! Ahh... Wow. Where did that come from? It seems that it snuck up quicker than I thought it would. I suppose that's how it works though, huh? Especially when you add a new job, a little girl, and winter months instead of summer months to the second pregnancy. Some significant differences I think.

Thinking of little "No Name" man joining our family soon makes me wonder how the last Baby Z will take sharing attention and time with the new Baby Z. I also wonder if she has any idea what's about to happen to her life? Probably not.

"What? Whadya mean another Baby Z?"

Avery just had pictures taken a little while ago again and was much more cooperative than our attempt at Christmas. The pictures below are either a reflection of how she feels about sharing her Mommy and Daddy or simply a reflection of how most of us feel about the snow by now already.

Then again, it could be how she feels about that hat Mommy was about to put on her...

Yeah. It's the hat. I can't say that I blame you, Avery.

By the way... you may have to share Mommy and Daddy... but no one could ever replace you! Besides... sharing isn't your most advanced area. Baby "No Name" Z is going to teach you a lot in that area.


  1. Aack! Why would you sully the good and long awaited post of beautiful pictures of people we love with those hideous words under the blog title?!! A pox upon you! ;)

  2. Hey! "No name has been here for about 18 hours now! What's the hold up?! ;)

  3. I've been thinking the something. I think today we should get an update, what do you think?

  4. Hey I think Anonymous hit it right on the head. I mean, you've know you had a boy coming for how long already? You couldn't even write the script and just plug in a photo in 3 days?!

  5. I love how courageous "Anonymous" is when posting comments. :o)

    I should just rename them Anonymous Z. and Anonymous L. Goofy Grandmas!


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