Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brotherly and Packerly Love

This video is proof that my daughter is in fact (with a tiny bit of coaching) a Packer fan. It is also an awesome display of the love a little one is so quick to give. This was Avery's 2nd or 3rd time holding Levi, but definitely the first time holding him since we were in the hospital. There have been so many moments of... well... I have to better way to describe it... heart melting moments. What an incredible blessing having kids can be! So, enjoy this camera phone quality video of Avery showing her little brother some love. Oh, yeah and the Packers! :o)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

World Champs! Go Pack Go!

So, I did the best I could. It's been one full week since the Packers became World Champions! After an awesome morning of Levi being baptized, the celebrating continued and the family got in the festive mood to support our Green Bay Packers!

Everyone dressed for the occasion...

... and I mean everyone!

Our friends the W's hosted a Super Bowl party and it was quite the event! Everyone was excited to meet the newest member of the family and the party delivered on all the excitement we could have imagined!

There was great food!

Great seating for the game!

Great uhh... laying for the game?

Even a cute puppy to play with during the commercials!

Everything one could hope for at that party! Even soft stairs to practice climbing!

There were also friends to share in the excitement and cheering the pack on!

Friends that shared in cheering the pack AND climbing the stairs!

...but mostly excited to cheer on the pack!

There's nothing like sharing in the excitement of a Green Bay Packer Super Bowl win with your favorite little family members!

Especially when they are so willing to partake in giving high fives and cheering for the new World Champs!

The only thing that could possibly rival that excitement and fun in regards to the Pack and family...

Is someday being able to tell your son about his 5 day old experience with Mommy and Daddy!

Whether he slept through most of it or not...  :-)

Go Pack!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Levi Prefers 3rd Shift

Levi is or more so was preferenced to being awake at night and dead to the world during the day. We found a little amusement in it one day in particular last week and I decided to bring out the cellphone for some video. Family time is good stuff. Especially with a miniature old man like Levi...  :-) I tease with love.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to the Lord, Levi!

This last Sunday something special happened. No, it's not what you think it was.

Just like Levi's early arrival was a wonderful blessing and not exactly as planned...

so was his entrance into the the Kingdom of the Lord!

We didn't celebrate baptism with all the tradition and "doings" that we normally package around such a wonderful moment, but the wonderful moment took place just the same.

Levi is healthy and well, but the thought occurred that given the choice to know the Lord now or in 2 weeks... what would we choose? Now of course!

It was pretty special to have Avery present as well. While she undoubtedly doesn't understand now, it is going to be exciting to share with her in the future!

So, from less than a week ago having an earthly birth, Levi goes to the blessing of a spiritual birth! What a week for Levi and family!

Being that the baptism was not planned as we originally thought it would occur, many were not able to be present. However, we will be affirming that baptism like scheduled and brothers and sister will be able to attend and celebrate at that time! I know Levi is eager to meet them!

Thanks to those who responded on short notice and were able to share in the joy! It was special to have you all so close and present for the baptism! Something that I will also enjoy sharing with Levi some day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 1st... Another Date We Will Never Forget

The Z's were due to have a baby boy on February 10th of 2011. That was the date the doctor, several tests, and all "planning" was centered around. However, in a token reminder that we are truly not the ones in control, the good Lord decided that little Levi Adam Zastrow was going to make his intro into the world two minutes before 11 am on February the 1st of 2011. 9 days before the predicted date! Little Levi was barely entering our "radar" by the 1st of the month and several things were planned to occur in preparation and anticipation of his arrival. Hah!

In great contrast to his older sister's journey of arriving 4 days after her due date and after 26 hours of labor... Levi entered this world 9 days before his due date and after 5 hours of labor. What a go getter, hey?

So, I am blessed to introduce the newest member of the Z's...

*drum roll*

He "stands" 20 1/2 inches tall...

He weighs in at a generous 6 lbs 12 ozs...

and his favorite colors are Green and Gold...
(I couldn't resist.)

Levi Adam Zastrow!

The wonderfully blessed mother that couldn't have been happier that morning!

My beautiful wife was not the only mother that met little Levi that day...

Beating a whopper of a snow blizzard were both Grandma's of course!

Almost as happy as Levi's mommy!

I'm sure sharing in the little bit of pride and joy of having a boy that the men seem to have...

was the driver and courageous leader that made it possible for them to visit before the storm... Grandpa!
(He also made it possible for the Z's to return after the storm as well! Thanks Pop!)

Oh yeah! I think there was someone else pretty happy to welcome Levi to the family!

Who was it?



of course it was the new "big" sister! Avery!

She was all to happy to begin pointing out how healthy Levi was!

Yes, he has a nose!
Yes, he has eyes!
Yes, he has a mouth...
uh huh, that's his chin...
yep, you're right, Avery, those are his ears...

She couldn't be prouder... yet I couldn't help but notice that she didn't count his toes.

Oh well. It's early. She has 20 years of school before she's official anyway. :-)

So, of course the Z's will be focused on one thing in particular for the near future...

Well... maybe two things in the near future...

It's okay, though. It's how Levi would want it. :o)