Tuesday, April 27, 2010


That's what I have been feeling lately due to one particular person... err... rather... one particular sponge. A sponge with a first name as unique as naming your dog "Spot". That sponge would be SpongeBob Square Pants. He is on the Nick Cartoon Network quite often and Nick is on our TV almost everymorning for the enjoyment of Avery/Kathleen. For about a month Nick was promoting a new episode of SpongeBob with a song he and Patrick the goofy starfish sang in that episode. Now that song plagues my mind CONSTANTLY!!! So, let me do you all a favor and stick it in your craw for a day or two! Watch this video if you dare!

One person doesn't mind me singing this song one bit however! She'll listen to it while she works on the farm all day! Nice mustache mini farmer! Is Avery repairing fence or destructing it?


  1. I especially like the palm tree leaf dreadlocks. But you're right....it is a song worm. (Beats Dancing Queen ANY DAY!)

  2. Love the new look!


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