Friday, March 8, 2013

Can you say OZ SUPER FAN?!?!

A have been waiting for a while for Disney's

OZ The Great & Powerful

to hit the theaters!

And of course the anticipation got my Oz gears turning.

Have you ever seen inspired looks before?  Where people take regular cloths and mix and match them to resemble a character.  I have seen a lot of them for Disney characters and they are so darn adorable, a way to look like your favorite character but also look like an adult, not a 5 year old in your princess costume. Although if I could get away with it I just might do that too!

When the movie night started coming closer I was thinking of creating an inspired look for Oz!  I starting doing a little research and found the new Oz collection from HSN.  
Which is seriously amazing but a little to rich for my blood. ;)

So I took the ideas of the HSN Oz collection and starting searching for similar pieces on Amazon and Khol's.  I found some really cute look a like stuff but I was feeling kinda guilty spending money on a movie premier outfit, I mean who am I, certainly not Michelle Williams or Mila Kunis!  So while it was fun to window shop I decided to give it up.  

Of course with the movie release it just got my Oz geek side going and I was looking at Oz stuff all over the web.  Then I came across something seriously awesome!

I mean only seriouse Oz fans would have 'em.

And only the crafty Oz fan's would make 'em instead of buy 'em for $85 from an Esty shop.

Well, I happen to be both!

So here is my stand out piece that I can wear to the movie tonight, it's not a whole inspired outfit but I happen to think it is better then all that, not to mention cheaper. 

And by cheaper I mean FREE!

I had all the supplies on hand and got to work!


  1. OHHH my gosh I love these. Also I wanted to say you going with your mom inspired me to take mine. I called her this morning and we are going tomorrow night. We don't spend much time together but The Wizard Of Oz was always a huge thing for us, I am so excited out it! Thanks for inspiration (:

  2. Haha, thanks! I could hardly stop myself from this little project. That's awesome that your going with you Mom, hope you guys have a great time together!

  3. The pictures don't do them justice. in person they are awesome! So glad I got to share opening night with you Punk'n. Tiffany enjoy the movie with your mom and say hello for me.

  4. Oh NOW I know what you've been up to! Here I thought you were taking care of sick little Levi...(not that you didn't)...when your texts and emails were short and sparse!!! :)

    But the shoes are awesome (for you...not me)!! Of course, you've got to know that we can't resist shaking our heads though (while we get a chuckle out of it) and question your sanity. ;)

  5. Frankly, yes, those shoes are awesome. My reaction was: "Seriously? She MADE those??" Then I had to stop and look back at them a couple times to find some kind of imperfection, b/c they seemed to be professionally made. So anyway, good job.


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