Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caption Time!

"Yeah... Yeah... Right... the economy is on the upswing. I'm sure. Don't blame me for being a little skeptical about the opinions of the so-called "experts". I don't think the economy was really hurt in the first place. I'm not even really sure what the economy is to be honest. All I know is that it didn't effect me and probably won't anytime in the near future."

"WHAT!?! The economy can effect birthday presents!?! Are you kidding me!?! But... but... But I haven't even had one birthday yet! IT'S NOT FAIR! Well, this economy, whatever it is, better get things straight by July 3rd. So help me... Economy... I'll hunt you down and find you..."

Okay, give it a shot! Let's see how many creative people check out this blog! Hit the comment section with a one two punch of a caption. One for the first picture and one for the second picture! Let's see what you got folks!


  1. Dads talking about Walmart again . Walmart has presents!

  2. What do I have to do with the economy? Dad, I think you mean "affect" not "effect".

  3. 1 - "my parents... not exactly the sharpest crayons in the crayon box, if you know what I mean. After all, what do they think I have TWO mouths? Is it really necessary to throw me this extra Nuk? C'mon. Get real. Learn how to count Dad, to 1."

    2 - "WHAT?! You say, you just gave me this extra Nuk as your way of saying I'm going to have a baby brother before 2010 is over?! WHAT?!?! SWEET!! Its about time!!"

    Ok... I must say... SUPER CUTE HAIR!!!! And secondly... what do I win, for the most creative/awesome comment suggestion ever?!

  4. 1) Mommy? Mommy? I--can't---close---my--eyes. I--think---my---pony---tail---is---too--tight.

    2) What?! You're telling me some people PAY doctors for surgery for the same effect??!!

  5. PHOTO #1

    . . . So I'm not entirely sure what to think about Descartes' use of the ontological argument relative to his famous rationalist discourse. I'd better decide soon whether I'm a philosophical materialist, or a rationalist, or better yet -- an epiphenomenalist. How will I ever decide? . . .

    PHOTO #2

    . . . Uh oh . . . I think I just filled my pants.

  6. Good posts people! I like it. I Lol'd for several. I can't resist another entry (rebuttle) of my own.

    #1 - Seriously? So, you're telling me that Auntie Steph is coming over to read me a book? Hmmm... are you sure? I'm not doubting that she's coming over... but... you're sure she can read?

    #2 - Huh?!? She's a teacher!?! LOL. Shut up. Huh? Whats that? ... oh. You're not kidding. Oops. I just thought... Don't tell her I said that okay?

  7. Re: Nathan's #2: I guess that makes her a materialist. Heh heh. But I vote for Steph's! ;)

  8. hardy har har... sooooo funny. Even Nathan's comment is more likely than your second shot at it, Adam.

  9. #1 Seriously, who are these people always taking pictures of me and putting words in my mouth?

    #2 What?? They are my family?? And I'm stuck with them, (gulp), for life?? Oh no.....

  10. Your daughter is verrrry cute!


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