Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Weeks Until "No Name" Changes Everything

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks from our due date! Ahh... Wow. Where did that come from? It seems that it snuck up quicker than I thought it would. I suppose that's how it works though, huh? Especially when you add a new job, a little girl, and winter months instead of summer months to the second pregnancy. Some significant differences I think.

Thinking of little "No Name" man joining our family soon makes me wonder how the last Baby Z will take sharing attention and time with the new Baby Z. I also wonder if she has any idea what's about to happen to her life? Probably not.

"What? Whadya mean another Baby Z?"

Avery just had pictures taken a little while ago again and was much more cooperative than our attempt at Christmas. The pictures below are either a reflection of how she feels about sharing her Mommy and Daddy or simply a reflection of how most of us feel about the snow by now already.

Then again, it could be how she feels about that hat Mommy was about to put on her...

Yeah. It's the hat. I can't say that I blame you, Avery.

By the way... you may have to share Mommy and Daddy... but no one could ever replace you! Besides... sharing isn't your most advanced area. Baby "No Name" Z is going to teach you a lot in that area.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Girls... They Make Me Smile

The perfect formula...

That's what occurred a week ago Wednesday when I took one of my holiday days off of work and spent the day out with Kathleen and Avery. The formula I was referring to was the perfect formula to equal naps on the way home that day. Granted my lovely wife and beautiful daughter are already the type fond of and prone to nap, but that day it could have happened to anyone. So it was pretty much a sure thing for the two pictured below.

The formula was a trip out to my favorite Walmart in Saukville. I had decided that if I could tell everyone else and their uncle about the changes coming to that store over the next year and with some even get into the details, I should probably clue my wife in as I talk very little about work with her. The upcoming events are going to take a lot out of me at times and we all know who in our lives will usually take the bulk of any lack of sunny disposition when those times come. Recognition is the first step right?

Some of the associates that I work with got to meet Avery and Kathleen while we were there and I gave Kathleen the "grand tour". Avery put on somewhat of a show as she is usually willing to do after some encouragement. After Walmart we drove some more to get something to eat, take a tour of the hospital we would be welcoming future Baby Z in, and shop for a new chair to rock Baby Z in when he arrives. It was a full day. Especially for a toddler that enjoyed seeing many excited associates, running down hospital hallways, going out to eat, and jumping on almost all 50 some chairs the furniture store had to offer! Then there was the Mommy who kept an eye on her while trying to keep up with Daddy explaining some of his work, soaking in a hospital that will probably never leaver her memory, and trudging her way through her last month of pregnancy! Whew! See what I mean? The perfect formula? Even a warm milk and bedtime story wouldn't have done much more by the time we started the 40 minute ride home! These two were just plumb tuckered out!

... and I couldn't help but to smile and just appreciate how blessed I really am.

Thanks to a super comfortable Buick ride and a super convenient smart phone camera... I can remember that day once again forever chronicled on Life with the Z's.

Hope you all enjoy your winter hibernation...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


January thoughts:

  • This is the last full month the Z's have before a family of 3 becomes a family of 4! Wowza! Our first pregnancy felt like it took years rather than months. It could be the timing of the year, the increased pace of our lives, or just a different mental outlook for both of us already having one under our belts... but I think this pregnancy went quick! Of course, if I talk about it too much, the last part will slow down too much as well. :-)
  • My store will never be the same. The Saukville Walmart which quickly became my home away from home this year in a short 3 months is going under some drastic changes. Last night marked the beginning of a long year of physical changes inside the store. The project continues overnight the next two weeks and I fear that the first steps toward a beautiful new store will be steps that my customers will not appreciate. Would you appreciate smaller aisles, dusty merchandise, and the shampoo you always buy being in a different place every time you come in to shop? That's only the tip of the iceberg. Every year that I have pushed ahead in my career seems like its going to be my most challenging year... this year is certainly no exception to that thought. My first year as a store manager will be one of great challenge even for experienced store managers. I look at it as an even more honorable opportunity to help many associates through the changes, challenges, uncertainty, and disruption in their lives. I intend to see it through and ensure they look at it in the rear view mirror next year as a year of fulling experiences. The Lord will give me strength.
  • I'm huge. I need to lose some weight. Don't get me wrong... I'm not searching for comments or confidence boosters here. I'm just stating the fact. One of the managers I look up to made a comment to me yesterday that the calendar flip is a physiological trick for our minds and January finds people reflecting on the past and open to changes in the future. So true. It's simply another month and another day... but we all view it just a little differently don't we? Well consider my mind tricked again. I am not a big believer in looks or physical appearance holding a lot of weight in my judgement or view of people. I care a lot more about integrity, humility, and positivity. Those are the things I appreciate in people and strive to improve in myself. However, my logical brain has nagged me for many a moon in regards to simple health facts dealing with being obese. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart health, and many other things tell me that I better get my act together. Having another child tells me that I better get my act together as well. I'm an addict. I'm addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle and have lost the will power battle to unhealthy eating. Right now I really want to say that it's time to make a change. It just seems like such a January thing to say doesn't it? I hope to post more on the future of my attempted efforts to live healthy and longer... wish me luck. Better yet, say a prayer. I will be.
That's all for now. Thanks for checking in! Let your mind be tricked in January and God Bless you all in the new year!

This picture sums up how all junk food would react around me if it had the ability. It's a picture by the creator Terry Border at Bent Objects and got a chuckle out of me. Oh, by the way, it sums up my relationship with chocolate... minus the lipstick. I anticipated your comments, family!