Friday, January 6, 2012

52 Week Challenge- Week 1!

This weeks challenge was counter tops and the sink.  The fist thing I did was Google kitchen organization.  I wanted to get ideas, maybe from blogs to see what worked for other real people.  And of course I got one idea from Pintrest!  Lets start with the counter top that is the "dumping ground" for all the stuff you have in your hand when you walk in the door.  Here is the before picture......brace yourself it's not pretty!

From left to right: Lint roller, coffee pot, wooden rack with glass jars that hold Propel and other water sweeteners, gift of wine, basket that sits and holds the random junk, box, hat and a whole bunch of other stuff in the middle.  Mostly junk and the pitiful part is the top drawer to the left of the dish washer IS a junk drawer.  Blah..... Ready for the after!?!?

Ahhhh, some of that stuff needed to be put away but other stuff that I was sort of using as organization just wasn't working.  And my coffee pot found a new home, I'll show you that later.  And I know the hat is still there. ;)  That's hubs hat filled with the stuff he takes back and fourth to work everyday so it no big deal.  Oh, what is all the beautifulness hanging to the left?  Want a closer look?

I was going to completely pitch the wooden rack and jars, I just don't use as many water flavor packets as I did before, so I thought I would put it in the Goodwill box.... NOT!  I decided to hang them up instead, and I'm so glad.  Yes, it is still a place for collecting junk but it's not as big and I feel like it is more thought out then just a basket on the counter.  The glass Ball jar was my Pintrest inspiration!  The original idea had all sorts of uses, but mine, a jar for pens! The clips on the top were a quick pick up at Walmart.  I was originally looking for the wall mounted file pockets.  I thought one for Adam, one for the kids, and one for myself.  They didn't have any there and couldn't leave the store with out something.  And I am glad I ended up buying those clips.  At  $1.80 something a piece you can't beat it, and I thought about how things can get lost in the pocket file folders.  And their is still one for each of us and one for the kids.  I love how it turned out and with re-purposing items I had and the cost of the clips, under $6 isn't bad at all!!

Next up.....the sink!

I mean it could be worse, but I still thought it could use some improvements!  That fact that the top is not so bad makes up for the crazy underneath!  Beware....

Crazy, see!  Everything thrown in there and I had no idea what was at the way back!  The hanging bar for my spray bottles was the start of an idea but didn't go much further.  The good news is it all looks different now!

Here are the big improvements: I got rid of things that I don't use, I had a mop head for a mop I don't have anymore. Nice hey?  I put all of my trigger bottles on the pressure bar, and hung up some sticky hooks on the left for some other cleaning wands.  It still has a lot of stuff, but I know what is in there and where it is!

Now this is the part I love!  Tip out sink tray!  No more disgusting sponges laying out.  I left the screws for the trays a bit loose so I can take them out and wash them, bonus.  And my favorite part about them is......

A place for my gorgeous rings!

I also put my Ms. Fix It skills to work and installed a soap dispenser!  I put regular dish soap in there, and you can fill it from the top, bonus!  I bought the tip out sink try kit and soap dispenser at the Man Mall or one of them.... for $30!  And with the help of our local handy man letting me borrow some tools (aka, My Father In Law Gary), I did both of them myself!  Now, where did my coffee pot go...

Just over by the stove, but it is sitting next to my brand new paper towel roll, only $6 at where else Walmart!  That I put up as well.  There is one piece of the counter that I am not showing yet... first because dinners dishes are sitting over there and second because I have one more trick planned.  :)  See you next week for cabinets and cupboards!

Happy Organizing!
The Mrs.


  1. Wow, what a difference! Great job!! And I wonder where you got the Ms. Fix-it gens? LOL ;0)

  2. Good job! Adam must be amazed wbith u. Keep it up and u could have another career started:-)

  3. GREAT! Come teach my dorm students now??

  4. GREAT! Come teach my household now??


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