Tuesday, May 8, 2012


...is short for Children's Miracle Network, the charity that Walmart supports.  So naturally all of the brat fry's and other fun fundraising efforts Walmart does goes to CMN.  Every once in a while Adam will bring home a can or bucket or something for Avery and I to decorate that he has to bring back to work.   Usually it goes something like this.  The cans/ buckets of the management team are in the store (where, I don't know, but somewhere for all the associates to have access to) and everyone can add in spare change, maybe a few bucks, maybe more if you really want to get someone.  And when I say "GET" someone, I mean having balloons full of pudding thrown at them!  At least that is the plan this time anyway, whoever has the most money in their bucket, GETS IT!!!  Love it, right!?!  How could you not?  

Adam is usually a pretty big target for this sort of thing.  Who wouldn't want to see their boss have balloons of pudding thrown at them!?!  Heck, I want to see balloons of pudding thrown at Adam. 
***Sorry, honey keepin' it real!!! Love you!***

That being said a targeted man has to do something to protect himself right?
Here was Adam's idea!

He put a hole in his bucket and when he got to work he put a hole in some other poor unsuspecting managers bucket.  You guessed it, the coins roll right down from the little slot in his bucket to someone else's!  I must admit I thought it was a good idea but thought it might be "cheating" a bit.  (I think it's just because I secretly want balloons of pudding thrown at my husband! ;) )  So his work was done with the escape spout for the coins and now it was my turn (and Avery's).  

I knew I couldn't let him get away with the escape coin slot without any repercussion from me.  I side with the management team on this sort of stuff. ;)  So in my loving way of mocking my hubby I came up with this!

You put the coins in the Dora present by Mr. Potato Head Adam!  Seriously, when I came up with this idea I was pretty close to peeing my pants laughing!  It was too good.  I was buzzing around the house looking for the perfect potato head parts to complete Potato Head Adam, mean while Adam makes a comment about me being on a craft mission. He said he recognized the look in my eye! Haha.

If he only knew.

We both had a good laugh, and I am sure his management team and store did too!  Adam is usually a good sport about being poked fun at (better then me for sure), either way all of it is for a great cause too.

Cheers to filling your bucket Adam, err I mean filling someone else's bucket!