Monday, November 29, 2010

A lot to be Thankful for...

Greeting Everyone! I hope the holiday was good to everyone and there was much time for reflecting, praying, and enjoying the time with friends and relatives!

My absence from the blog was due to several different reasons that include but weren't limited to our absence of internet and my first "Black Friday" as a store manager. Some things have to be sacrificed in the name of priorities and this blog (I'm sorry) and even deer hunting took the fall this year. I am hoping that both will return for the next Thanksgiving week!

I was able to spend some time with the family on Thanksgiving and also did get to enjoy the traditional holiday "fixings". Yum!

Speaking of which...

Who wants some pie?

I thought so...

...anyone else?

I'm thinking Sam and Kathleen might be interested...

Is that it? Anyone else?

Ok, we have a piece for you as well Steph... Kathleen... there's no limit.

Make sure you feed our boy!

That's right Avery! Not to far away!


Yes, Avery...
Next year you might have to share your pie!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feel the Love?

Below is a Facebook post I made after being reminded what day it was. Turns out it was National Unfriend Day. So, I made a very threatening post to let my friends know that they might want to think about stepping up their game little. (Friends... I am just kidding. Maybe.    ...No, really I am kidding. Probably.) Below is the interaction I received instead.

Adam Zastrow (Status Update) :Today is national unfriend day... nothing personal... actually that's not accurate. Maybe we can be friends again next year.

Wednesday at 9:00pm via Android Friends Only ·LikeUnlike · Comment · View Feedback
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Bradley Zastrow (Status Update) : I celebrated by knocking off 100 of my friends. Since I received this update, you must have slipped through the cracks again...
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Pick up on all that?
The only facebook family participants missing are the ones smart enough not to leave evidence.

Yeh. Hilarious. What a loving family. I cried many a night since this happened.

Now is the part where you comment something lame below about how you are sorry for the torment that you all put on me as we grew up and you've realized now that it has continued and is even present today. Try to stop smiling and hang your head in shame for the broken shell of a person you have made me to be today! Scared to speak, slave to my wife, and nervous around people... 

Go ahead. Let it all out. :o)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Many Birthdays?

How many birthdays does a person get with a little girl a little older than 1?

Not many. The experience and wisdom that a person who needs 10 hands to show their age has can and should be very valuable to someone who only needs one finger to show their age. This however is probably never realized by the person only needing to show one finger at request to share their age.

Yet, it seems that they still seek to mimic and replicate behaviors even though they don't truly get the value in a good example or wealth of knowledge and experience.

Like looking at a birthday card you helped make and have already seen... maybe because someone else is looking at their gifts as well?

Then again... where does the shadowing stop?

Should it stop at still sticking your new gifts in your mouth? 

Apparently not. Oh well. :-)

There are worse habits... right Grandpa Z?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bappy Hirthday!

Today is a certain someone's birthday! Someone special! A Grandma, Mom, and much more to many! This particular person is very careful and mindful of not disclosing too much information at times when on the internet... so in a somewhat poking fun manner... I will simply state that the birthday gal MAY or MAY NOT be the creator of a blog called Paper Delights at This person MAY or MAY NOT mind a few Happy Birthday! wishes in the comments section of her last blog post if you should feel so inclined.

Here's another hint... the person I am referring to MAY or MAY NOT be referred to as Zaren Kastrow. She MAY or MAY NOT be related to myself and MAY or MAY NOT be celebrating a "big" birthday of sorts.

After speaking to the before mentioned person this morning, I was amused to find out that one of the special things that she wanted to have accomplished on her birthday involved her second half and was somewhat related to the picture below. I guess we all hope for different things on our birthday at different times of our life, right?

I just can't help but to be a little amused. :-)

Happy Birthday
(spelled backwards to disguise identity.) 

We love you more than you'll ever know!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

God Blesses America

Today is Veteran's Day and I find myself feeling appreciative to our veterans for many reasons...

but none compare to my favorite and most important reason I appreciate our veterans...

Thank You.

Thank you for sacrificing to allow myself, my family, and all our fellow countrymen the freedom to openly and outwardly praise the Lord! Our current persecution pales in comparison to the possibilities and depths that could have been had you not so willingly sacrificed for us and our freedom.

Praise veterans for their dedication...


Praise the Lord for Veterans!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip to the "Pum!" Farm (pt1)

What is a little girl to do when her parents stick her in her carseat and start driving?

Especially when she has already been driving a lot in the previous days and she is less than amused we are driving again?

Can't she just stay home and play with her calculator?

Ok... we're here. So what?

Wait a minute... this place looks interesting!

It IS interesting! Actually, it looks pretty cool! It's a "pum" farm!

It's got animals to feed! Pretty nosy animals!

With high standards of personal hygene???

Oh... never mind! Lol! They just want to eat!

I like eating as well!

High Five!

Oh... Dad says that these animals don't have five...

Whatever that means...

It looks like Mom found some furry creatures to feed...

Wow are they hungry! This is awesome!

I hope this never ends!

Ah, we got a problem...

No more food! Now what!?!

These animals expect food!

They seem like they might be a little hungry yet!?!

Should we be concerned?