Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas to the Missing Z's

A quick video that I sloppily edited this morning for your viewing pleasure...

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's CHRISTmas Inspired

This video was sent by link and Facebook posts to me through several people this last week and the week before. I finally was able to watch it this morning and was very moved. It's an excellent idea and really makes a person think again about the events of Christmas and how joyful we should be when we truly think about what occurred that we might continue to live life after death. Rejoice and Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who's Got Talent?

Most of my life I have been surrounded by family that seemed to have a natural talent for creative skills and crafting. My Mom has an obvious knack for it and growing up there was evidence of influence with one of my brothers and then shortly after that, I met my lovely wife. Kathleen has a very creative brain and it pops out in random places at random times occasionally. One of the places she has used to remind me that she and Avery love their Daddy/Hubby is the chalk board hanging just inside the door we use most often in our house. It's been a pleasant surprise of sorts when I come home from work and find a message on the chalk board from my girls. Makes a person smile!

However, today instead of showing you something that Kathleen's creative brain did...

I bring you the works and styling of Adam.

Not exactly mind blowing talent... but not horribly shabby if I say so myself.
The spongebob button in the top corner has nothing to do with my creation by the way.

If you can picture my wifey smiling when she saw this... then do something small and "smile inducing" for someone you love today also!

Seriously! Go do it!

It's the little things that go a long way, right?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just Another Of Many Blessings...

Two days ago I had my cellphone out and was taking pictures of the backroom at work. I was taking pictures because it was the best it had looked since mid October and sometimes there are just things you gotta put on record when you accomplish them again, ya know?

That's another story... anyhow...

a department manager had made a comment to me that I was holding my phone wrong. I proceeded to explain that my phone had a 5 MP camera and I was "collecting evidence". She made some remark to the effect of being amazed that a phone had a camera with that high of Mega Pixels. I reaffirmed that it was awesome and without even thinking about it mentioned that I loved it for the ease and awesome availability of being able to take pictures of things I love like my daughter, Avery! I mentioned that I enjoyed blogging those pictures and had captured many things with my camera.

That conversation had me thinking about our current technology and what a blessing it was ultimately from the Lord on high. The fact simply is that without my "smart phone" there would be a lot of video, pictures, and moments not captured that happen and are over so quickly that one simply wouldn't capture years ago unless you kept your camera near you at all times. That doesn't even include video camera! I think that my Mom did an awesome job of this and I marvel at the simple presence of mind and determination that it took years ago to make a point of capturing some of those moments. It's so easy now!

Although I don't respond enough in appreciation, my parents and parents-in-law will still capture moments on their camera phones as well of Avery and her goofiness. While I hope to someday convince them to upgrade away from camera phones that still only shoot about 2 clear pictures out of 5... I surely do appreciate the 2 clear pictures that do turn out! You know... old people. :-)

So here is a collection of some pics that I haven't posted and now have pulled from my phone. They were picture messages of just such moments... enjoy.

"Grandpa... it's not that i don't appreciate your consideration of keeping my hair out of my face... it's just... well... does it have to be the sleeve of your shirt for a headband?"

"I just woke up... and it's a beautiful day at Grandma's house!"

"Yeah. Sure. It's cute. I get it. Are you really pulling out your camera phone right now?"

"I love swinging! Just like smiling!"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whether You Like It Or Not

There are a lot of things that I will allow my children to like or dislike as I will want them to grow and form opinions of their own under the right research and a foundation of guidance. Certain things are obviously going to be non-negotiables at certain ages and other things will be firm as long as I am Daddy. I am confident that with the Lord's help and guidance, I will be able to show my children the "whys" of what I believe and the why of what they should believe.

Then, there will be other less weighted issues and opinions that I could care less on what their preference is and hope they make those decisions on their own. Their favorite color, their favorite uncle, or their favorite favor of jelly beans are all things I know they will adopt on their own.

There is only one tiny little thing that I may need to influence a little bit...

That's right. Their favorite pass time sport and team! Go Packers!

Right now it appears Avery needs some convincing, don't you think?

There are a lot of things she kicks and screams about these days...

so a little kicking and screaming on the way to Packer Fandom isn't a problem!

Besides, if I can't seem to handle it myself...

I'll just bring in the reinforcements!

Go Pack!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trip to the "Pum!" Farm (pt2)

I figured I better get the pumpkin farm pictures posted before the snow really starts to fly! It's coming folks!

Besides, it was really just a fun day and I want to share it!

"Pums" are Avery's favorite this year and she was overcome with joy when she found herself surrounded by many!

Joy... and a monster like excitement...

Maybe the sour face is because she...

just can't...


catch any chickens!

Is that why you have a sour face, little girl?

Or does it have anything to do with your Dad dropping you in the middle of a bunch of pumpkins and...

there seems to be no visible...

way out!

Could that cause a sour face?

I think it might.

Wait! What's this? Noooooo....

Mommy to save the day again...

Mommy seems to be sympathetic and some body's hero once again...

She's great that way isn't she?

So, Avery... how was your trip to the "pum" farm?


"It had it's ups and downs..."

"There was that part where you stranded me in pums, Dad."

"Overall, a pretty fun day though!"