Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday Girl!!!

3 yrs ago our day went something like this...

Yup, that is my little Avery fresh out of the oven. ;)

Today went a little something like this...

When people tell you it goes so fast, you sort of know but really your thinking, "I don't think diaper changing, projectile vomit, being up all hours of the night, and explosive/ up the back and out the side of the diaper poop can go fast enough for me!"  Well, I think we have hit the magical age when you realize so much has changed in such a short period of time.

Now she wants to do it all by herself, and is doing and talking so much and potty trained even, she is a big girl now!  **She reminds us all the time too!**

Even though her actual party wasn't today, we did a mini celebration with just the four of us.  I pick up two jumbo sized cupcakes (from a store that I am not really allowed to shop at if you catch my drift) and we shared them!  We sang to Avery, and she blew out her candle.

That was the other thing, this was the first year that she blew out her candle all by herself and looked as if though she was a pro at it.  Really pulled at my heart strings.

And of course the best part, EATING IT!!!

Happy Birthday Avery!!!
We are so blessed to have such a smart, beautiful, loving little girl, we love you to pieces!!!