Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uncle Badly and Daddy Time

One of Uncle Badly's last breaks from school provided an opportunity for him and I to take Avery out and do some exploring at the Journal Sentinel Sportsman Show at the State Fair Park grounds. It was a cool day with a piercing wind and we were thankful that all of the show was indoors. 

Daddy had a new tech device that was only a week old and picture taking was a must!

Can you blame me when I get shots like this one?

Uncle Badly was helping Avery find her inner biker girl. Ummm... Inner biker girl with a cookie to be more precise. Avery is too young to understand Daddy when he says that she will never have a motorcycle. Are there any cookie eating biker women that disagree? (Do you like my safe phrasing of that question? Incriminating, isn't it?)

Daddy is a lot more open to the next picture...

"Honey! We're home! We bought a 4 wheeler!"

It does look like Avery may feel the need...

The need being of course for speed!

It's tough driving a boat when you have to depend on leg coordination in addition to arm, isn't it, Avery?

To cap it all off that day...

A local celebrity siting!

Ok, everyone. Let your inner Milwaukee area redneck out to play. Who is the gentleman in the picture with Avery and I?

$100 bucks to the winner.


  1. Oooo! Its Red Green from the Red Green show!!!!!! So cool!

  2. yes it is red green real name Steve Smith!!

  3. Call me crazy but I don't think it's who y'all think it is! Who it REALLY is, I have no idea. But those eyes ain't those of either Red Green OR Steve Smith!

  4. @Karen
    I call you crazy. Google a younger picture and compare the two.
    Don't forget that Red Green has been off the air for a while...

  5. Is it the winner of this years Red Green look alike contest from the Sports show?

  6. Ok. So the truth is that I don't even know his name. He is not Red Green however. He is a look alike. I can't confirm if he is a winner or not. It was quite enjoyable none the less. Thanks for playing!


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