Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Minute Easter!

Ok, So I know I show enough of Avery on this blog by far... but I sometimes I just plain can't help it! I will be making an effort to include more about my wiley wife who tends to avoid getting in front of a camera. In the mean time, in between time, here's some Easter pics of Avery at 9 months that I just gotta share!

Not real grass Avery!
(Not that I encourage her to eat real grass either.)

This tastes funny!

While she only started doing it a few months ago and it was exclusively with Mommy for the first couple weeks... I hope to never lose the little girl that reaches out to Daddy.

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter!


  1. WOW!! Those are some really good photos. She's so beautiful!

  2. I second that! It was hard to give you the CD back!

  3. You know... they make edible Easter grass now...

  4. Trust me, she will always be Daddy's little girl. Just look at your wife, lol.

  5. hey!!!!! I can help it!!!! I know were the getting is good!!!!!


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