Saturday, November 26, 2011

Most of you will not be surprised this happened to me.....

Yesterday we had a very awesome day, we celebrated Thanksgiving!  It worked better for everyone's schedules to do it Friday instead, and it really worked out well.  We had lots of time to enjoy good food and good family.  As a result of Black Friday shopping and a full day of family fun, we are all a bit tired.  But Mr.Levi somehow woke up on cue this morning.....

So, I went down stairs to make a bottle for him. I got him all situated and then I was going to grab a drink of water. 

But first , because I wear night and day wear contacts I needed to put my eye drops in.  Someday's when I wake up my eyes just stick until I put drops in.  Well, it just so happened that I had a bottle of drops in my fleece that I was wearing last night.  So I pulled it out of my pocket and went for some eye relief.  A few drops in each eye usually.  But.....

when I went to switch to the other eye, something was not right about the bottle....

Yup, Purely Pomegranate Stamp'n Up ink!

I pretty much freaked out, I grabbed a towel in the kitchen and pressed it on my eye to hopefully blot out a majority of it.

The big spot on the upper left is the stuff I blotted out.  Then I grabbed my bottle of the real eye drops and started to flush my eye.  That's the rest of the color that you see on the towel.  At one point I stopped and looked at my eye and it looked like a crazy villain from the movies eye!

When I felt I got a good amount of ink out I took my contact out.

My colored contact next to my regular contact.  Then after I took out the contact, I flushed my eye some more.  It surprisingly didn't hurt or sting as much as I thought it would.  So for a few days I'll be wearing my glasses.  At least it was time to change my contacts any way.

But I really couldn't believe I did that.  I don't know why I'm surprised though, because most people that know me well, know that these types of issues happen to me all the time.

But REALLY. INK. oye......

-The Mrs.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anything that makes you happy....

It is no secret to most that Levi had a bit of rough time at first adjusting to the outside world.  There were so many things that were not done "by the book."  With your first child everything has to be just so, you follow every instruction given to you by doctors and think that any other way is wrong.  I was one that did just that.  Avery was a by the book baby.  Now, when Levi came around, I thought, "Well, I'll just do things the same way. It worked the first time.  I /we survived the first year of baby until Avery became a toddler."


The thing I didn't know ( even though people had told me....) is that Levi, would be nothing like Avery.

**Grandma's stop snickering at me.... ;) ** 

So with Levi I had to learn the ( hmm, what to call it...)  "Parenting on the Fly" approach.  Levi slept in a bouncer seat sitting on a footstool next to my bed for the first 4 months or so. He just would not sleep in his cradle. This way I could hang my arm over the bed and bounce him at any moment. I had to nurse him twice as often, Avery was every three hours, by the book. :)  I also let him hold /play with toys I probably never would have let Avery.  Levi being a colicky baby I would try anything so he didn't scream all day long.

So, on this particular day I was walking around with him, trying to get something done. He just wasn't having it if I put him down.  When I started the washer I saw a twinkle in his eye that gave me an idea.

There, what do you think about that Levi?!

A boy, his washer, a tea cup, football and toy Dilly bar.

He was happy ( I know your thinking he doesn't look that thrilled, but compared to the previous part of the day, it was happy) I was happy, and the bonus.... laundry got done.  The adventures of parenting, it will always surprise you!

-The Mrs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Brother Mischief

This little girl and her brother were playing so nice in their room together.  Levi found some toys he liked and Avery decided to play dress up.

Her bears also got dressed up for some princess fun!
Now it was time for princess lessons... to make sure your crown is placed just so,

and that your pretty top is buttoned up perfectly.

Now these princess bears were ready for their photo op with princess Avery, wait a minute....

Here comes Levi, showing awesome little brother skill, he knows just when to strike.

It seems it is programmed in little boys to bother their sisters in such a way that always pushes their buttons.  I say little boys but my brother pretty much didn't stop until around high school. Geesh, I can think of anyone that could possibly relate to me..... { cough, cough, Steph, cough, Sam, cough, cough) 

Here he goes again, it just completely ruffled Avery's feathers, I couldn't help but laugh.  The best part to me is that he doesn't even realize yet what exactly it is that he is doing, see like I said, PROGRAMMED! Ahahahaha

With no hesitation Avery scoops up her princess bears and carry's them away to safety........

Whew, all is well in pretend princess land.

Well, for as long and Levi is occupied by another toy.

Oh no Avery, hide your bears, he's on the loose again! 

-The Mrs.