Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 2 & 3 Update, and Week 4!

I started putting into thought exactly what I wanted to do for week 2 and 3 and it was hinged on one thing.....
It was the major project that I thought would make the most impact!  I went out and bought all of the supplies last week Tuesday at Menards.  And the next day I went to work.  I already posted the before pic's here. 
 So here is the big reveal! 

 I started with these babies, 24" round table tops (that's what they called them at Menards anyway).  I didn't take pictures of the process, but basically I found the center of the wood round.  I drilled the holes for my lazy susan hardware and then placed the rounds on the shelf.  Put a small spacer between the wood round and the walls of my cabinet and marked through the wood round with a small drill bit on the shelf.  Then I continued with the hardware.  It's concept is simple but it took me about a half a day to put them both in.  

And, Wala! I lucked out because the wood round that I bought were a perfect fit, if they would have been even a 1/4 of an inch bigger they would not have fit!  

Here is a picture with all my baking stuff in it's new home.  Looks cozy hey!?  The top shelf is still normal I put glass and other serving dished up there that are not used very much.

These two pictures are of the two opposite sides of the bottom lazy susan.  One side has overflow of spices and other cooking things and the other.....

.....has sprinkles, vanilla, food coloring and other smaller baking items.  The best part is having it all in one place! And my spice cupboard.....

 Is looking so much neater with some of the bigger containers of spices moved the the lazy susan as well.  Ahh, to be able to see my spices so I don't keep buying basil.  That's not a joke, I have 3 of them right now!

Well, just when you have one area cleaned up a little gremlin by the name of Levi comes and empties your tupperware cupboard. ;) 

And that night I was so excited to put my handy work to the test I made banana chocolate chip pancakes.  Let me tell you, it was awesome, being able to spin around the shelf and find exactly what I wanted!  Oh, and the pancakes were awesome too!  I took a couple different recipes and combined what I liked from them and  this recipe will be a new staple in my house!  And I'm going to share it with you too! 

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

2 c. Flour
2 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp + 1 Heaping tsp BakingPowder
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
2 Eggs
1 1/4 c/ Milk
4 Mashed Bananas
1 c. Chocolate Chips

Mash bananas in mixer, add eggs one at a time until combined then add milk.  If using a mixer you can let it spin on low while you mix up the dry ingredients.  In a spate bowl mix together dry ingredients.  Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients while you mixer spins on a med/ low speed.  Cook on a Medium High Heat Skillet and Enjoy!

 Now.... Week 4!

It's short, I promise!
Week 4 was refrigerator and freezer.  My fridge was actually pretty good, but I did print out a freezer inventory sheet from the 52 week organization website, and wrote down what's in my chest freezer.  No guessing what I think I have down there, I will know.  Obviously this is an ongoing list I will have to cross things off of and write new purchases down but it's at least a start!

Happy Organizing! and Happy Baking!
The Mrs.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Mousker-Good time!

Mousker-Hey, Mousker-Hi, Mousker-Ho, Mousker-ready, Mousker-set, here we go!!

(A sign I made with cute Mickey sayings)

Yesterday was Levi's Micky Mouse 1st Birthday Party!!  Let me tell you I got really excited to make things for this party.  I love all things Disney and "It all started with a mouse!"

This birthday banner was so fun to see put together and hanging up.  Of course I saw things similar on Pintrest and just knew I had to make one!  I downloaded a free Disney font and used my Nestabilities die-cuts with my Cuttlebug!  Then also found on Pintrest, I made Mickey Mouse french fri boxes as party favors for all our Mousketeer friends.

And each Mouseketeer had their very own animal cup with a straw tag!  It was an easy thing to do to jazz up their cups mouse style. :)

 After the birthday Mouseketeer woke up from his nap and arrived fashionably late to his party and in style he was ready to eat!
 And so was the rest of the club house...
Of course Avery got Papa to help her out with her plate while I got Levi his tray...
Then it was time for the much anticipated... PRESENT TIME!! 

 First Levi got a card hand made by his big sister Avery. He loved it!  So much he had to stand up and squeal with delight!

Next up was a farm from Grandma and Papa!

Levi got a bit distracted a couple of times, can you blame him?......

 looks like a lot of fun to crawl around with a big kid like Kastan. :)

But we got him back on track with a cute Mickey Mouse bag and bright tissue paper.  "Levi, what's inside this one?"

Oooooh, a guitar from Aunt Samantha and Uncle Bradly!

Uncle Jeffery or "Effery" as we like to say, wasn't there to cerebrate with us but somehow through that special Uncle magic... sent Levi a big teddy bear.  Levi was not sure of it at first, "Hey, that bear is as big as me?!

A stacking tower and shape sorter, thanks Miss Amanda!

And a couple of manly sweatshirts from Ms. Chloe!  Adam especially liked the idea of some manly men cloths for Mr.Levi!  Yey for cameo and hunting orange!

Great Grandpa and Papa look like they want to join in the fun with the toys too...

Woah, that looks like a lot of present opening fun right there!

And you can't forget Herman, he wont let you for that matter.  He just loves when there is all these people around here.  He goes from person to person to get a little love and attention.

Yes, Herman, I can't really blame you!

Levi sure was spoiled with lots of awesome gifts and much more importantly, awesome friends and family to share his birthday with him!

And of course....

the MAIN EVENT....


 First we sang....
 ...then I sliced Levi a nice piece right on the table for him.
 He needed a taste test first.
 "Hmm, oh yeah, that is pretty good!" 
Then he went for it!
 Oh yes!  That's the good stuff Levi!
 It's okay buddy, I can think of a lot of people who would eat their cake like that.....
 if they could get away with it! ;)
 To say the least he demolished that cake pretty quickly!
"Hey, is there more?"

It was a good day, we had lots of fun and it is all thanks to everyone who came and we were able to celebrate with!  It was really great to celebrate the day we became a family of 4!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Um, where is week 2&3?

Okay, okay, I lost a little steam.  It's better to try and fail then not try at all right?  Thought so!  With that said I have an update.  Week 2 was about cabinets and cupboards and week 3 was about pantry and food storage areas.  Well for me the two go hand and hand... why?  Because for me to really do what I want to, and not settle, I have to do some switching around of the two.... Oye!  And when I say not settle I mean spending a little cash O'la.  With Levi's first birthday party approaching, this Saturday, and not wanting to over spend. I had put it on hold a bit.  I have been spending time doing some other much needed cleaning and have spent a good amount of time going through the kids cloths, yuck, my least favorite thing ever.  Anyway I had some time tonight to do some digging and see how I can accomplish what I want to do, without breaking the bank, oh and not mention surpassing the limitations of my Mrs. Fit It qualities.  So here's the plan.
Corner Cabinet, nuff said.
.......but I'm gonna say more anyway.

I have a love hate relationship with this cabinet.  I love that it can hold a lot, I hate how things can get lost so easily in there.  I was looking for a lazy susan type solution.  First I found something that I could put in place of the shelves all together, very expensive and I am not sure if I could install it myself.  Then I went searching for lazy susans big enough that it would be worth while to put on my shelves also expensive, I just kept thinking there has to be a better way....  and then it hit me.  I'm sure I could buy parts for the lazy susan and my own round wood and make it a DIY project. And that's just what I went searching for tonight.  For about $4 each I can get the hardware and it says it can hold up to 500lbs!  I know my baking stuff weighs a lot but I think these babies can handle it!  So when I drive to town on Tuesday I am gonna try and stop and pick a couple up.  I say a couple because I store some large bowls at the top and like that part just the way it is, no need for fix'n. :)

And that brings me to my baking stuff.  My supply is increasing at a rapid pace and quickly outgrowing my designated area.  I was a fool to think that one drawer in my pantry would do it....  See the Crisco, jar of yeast, and bottles of food coloring sitting on the next shelf up?  Yup, this stuff needs a new home.  It will all be taking up new residence in the corner cabinet but only, ONLY, after the lazy susan project is complete. Or I will never be able to find anything, and with making Levi's Micky Mouse cake on Friday, that just wont do!

Oh and I forgot to mention the small cabinet above my stove and microwave is also filled with baking supplies, I know what your thinking and "No, you can never have to much sprinkles, chocolate chips, food coloring, extracts, and candy melts, just to name a few of my favorites! ;)

Next up is the spice cabinet....  I wish I could make the cabinet front pull out  and have the shelves pull out with it, anyone know what I'm talking about here?  This project will take a bit of thinking and planning.  Once again I could buy something but I just think the cost is crazy!  I'm sure I could make something happen with some drawer slides but I just can't invest the time into this one right now.  But I figure, at least I know how I want to fix this, I just don't know how to do it yet. ;)  I might call my local Handy Man or maybe have him take a glace and give this grasshopper some advice!

So, no real action has been going on over here, but I have been working on adorable things for Levi's birthday party!  I'll post that stuff, when I get some of it completed.  I have a few things in the work in progress stage.  Haha, work in progress, that's my whole life right now....

Happy… Um, trying to Organize!
The Mrs.

Friday, January 6, 2012

52 Week Challenge- Week 1!

This weeks challenge was counter tops and the sink.  The fist thing I did was Google kitchen organization.  I wanted to get ideas, maybe from blogs to see what worked for other real people.  And of course I got one idea from Pintrest!  Lets start with the counter top that is the "dumping ground" for all the stuff you have in your hand when you walk in the door.  Here is the before picture......brace yourself it's not pretty!

From left to right: Lint roller, coffee pot, wooden rack with glass jars that hold Propel and other water sweeteners, gift of wine, basket that sits and holds the random junk, box, hat and a whole bunch of other stuff in the middle.  Mostly junk and the pitiful part is the top drawer to the left of the dish washer IS a junk drawer.  Blah..... Ready for the after!?!?

Ahhhh, some of that stuff needed to be put away but other stuff that I was sort of using as organization just wasn't working.  And my coffee pot found a new home, I'll show you that later.  And I know the hat is still there. ;)  That's hubs hat filled with the stuff he takes back and fourth to work everyday so it no big deal.  Oh, what is all the beautifulness hanging to the left?  Want a closer look?

I was going to completely pitch the wooden rack and jars, I just don't use as many water flavor packets as I did before, so I thought I would put it in the Goodwill box.... NOT!  I decided to hang them up instead, and I'm so glad.  Yes, it is still a place for collecting junk but it's not as big and I feel like it is more thought out then just a basket on the counter.  The glass Ball jar was my Pintrest inspiration!  The original idea had all sorts of uses, but mine, a jar for pens! The clips on the top were a quick pick up at Walmart.  I was originally looking for the wall mounted file pockets.  I thought one for Adam, one for the kids, and one for myself.  They didn't have any there and couldn't leave the store with out something.  And I am glad I ended up buying those clips.  At  $1.80 something a piece you can't beat it, and I thought about how things can get lost in the pocket file folders.  And their is still one for each of us and one for the kids.  I love how it turned out and with re-purposing items I had and the cost of the clips, under $6 isn't bad at all!!

Next up.....the sink!

I mean it could be worse, but I still thought it could use some improvements!  That fact that the top is not so bad makes up for the crazy underneath!  Beware....

Crazy, see!  Everything thrown in there and I had no idea what was at the way back!  The hanging bar for my spray bottles was the start of an idea but didn't go much further.  The good news is it all looks different now!

Here are the big improvements: I got rid of things that I don't use, I had a mop head for a mop I don't have anymore. Nice hey?  I put all of my trigger bottles on the pressure bar, and hung up some sticky hooks on the left for some other cleaning wands.  It still has a lot of stuff, but I know what is in there and where it is!

Now this is the part I love!  Tip out sink tray!  No more disgusting sponges laying out.  I left the screws for the trays a bit loose so I can take them out and wash them, bonus.  And my favorite part about them is......

A place for my gorgeous rings!

I also put my Ms. Fix It skills to work and installed a soap dispenser!  I put regular dish soap in there, and you can fill it from the top, bonus!  I bought the tip out sink try kit and soap dispenser at the Man Mall or one of them.... for $30!  And with the help of our local handy man letting me borrow some tools (aka, My Father In Law Gary), I did both of them myself!  Now, where did my coffee pot go...

Just over by the stove, but it is sitting next to my brand new paper towel roll, only $6 at where else Walmart!  That I put up as well.  There is one piece of the counter that I am not showing yet... first because dinners dishes are sitting over there and second because I have one more trick planned.  :)  See you next week for cabinets and cupboards!

Happy Organizing!
The Mrs.