Friday, June 11, 2010

Nature and It's Beauty... Sort of

I was out snapping a few pictures a couple weeks ago of things that you may see later on this blog. I was admiring the things that I was able to enjoy and appreciate even on our single acre area out here in the boonies. Afterwards, while still thinking about the admirable things that our Lord put in nature, I found myself on the porch noticing some other creatures of nature. The problem was, these creatures were not on the outside with me, but rather on the inside looking out!

How majestic, eh? I guess there are all kinds of creatures, some we appreciate more than others...

Ahhh, Yes. Then there is the remains of creatures as well... how special.

Just when I had about enough appreciating the usually unapprecaited... I noticed another creature in her natural habitat...

She had other friendly creatures with her! Just like that I am happy again with ALL of God's creations!

Notice, I said that I was happy...

I didn't say EVERYONE was...


  1. Lol, how she LOVES the bugs, hee,hee,hee.

  2. I'd feel the same if that big beast was there with me. Er, the fly, of course. Really! I meant the FLY!

  3. I like the new wallpaper! Do tell us where you got it!!

  4. Yes. Kathleen is a fan of the bugs! Lol! About as much of a fan as a foot is of a cowpie. The wallpaper came straight from the blog. One of the new design layout options that was just introduced. Thanks for the compliments!


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