Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Out!

Outdoors that is. It's nice to get out and just be outside a little once in a while isn't it? Unless your career has you outdoors all the time or you've just plain had your fair share already, getting outside can be a pretty satisfying venture. Specific goals had me outside a couple days ago. Goals of tree triming, bush whacking, and garbage burning. When we bought our home last year it was evident that the previous owners had not put too much time into the landscape. Don't get me wrong here, I am not one to put much time into it either! I prefer nice looking, low maintenance approaches to landscape. However, when we bought the house and I tried to mow my new lawn for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the tree branches touching the ground, the outer edge of the lawn covered in nasty branches and burr bushes, and the lilac bushes that had transplanted so many times that they each had formed their own mini lilac woods! I went to work and about one apple tree, one large evergreen, and many random branches later, I could mow the lawn without fear of decapitation, loss of one of my own limbs, or hundreds of earwigs falling on me and seriously freaking me out! I kid not. They used to fall from all these untrimed trees as you were mowing! Eeewwww...

One monster lilac tree/bush escaped me last year... okay, I was exhausted and sick of it before I got to the beast, so it lived another winter. Lucky it, eh? Here it is, right by the road, threatening to take over more ground by the day...

The picture is deceiving... plus I had already done some trimming... what does it look like to you? A bush? A tree? What's left of a haunted woods?

Here is a tamer and remade lilac bush...

Do you see a difference? It even looks happier!

A before and after model shot! There actually looks like some farmland behind it too!
Before                                                                                    After

The exposed farmland behind the tree wasn't the only treat nature had in store with this trimming either. A little birdie decided to scare the bejeebers out of me on more than one occasion while I was working on it. Here's your trivia for the day...

What kind of bird was scaring me?

You should know this one. Alright, it's NOT a penguin... or an ostrich. You are welcome.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! I know this one!!! What do I win? Huh? What do I win??

    It's a robin's nest! Now if you find Batman's nest...I'll be REALLY surprised!

  2. Oddly enough... I did locate Batman's nest as well. It was more of a cavern, but still. How did you know? I would have loved to give out the prize also, but you commented at Anonymous and have no idea who you could be. Sorry! It was $1000 and you were right.


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