Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday Disc Golfing!

Easter Sunday turned out to be beautiful day! So, when I suggested the possibility of going out disc golfing to my brother in law Jeff, his ever ready response was, "Let's go!". Hartford has a nice little 9 hole course in a local park and it was perfect for a quick ride and some quality time with myself and the male in-laws. (There will be no comments on actual score as I do not want to embarrass certain party's... (Jeff) ).

Here is Jeff getting ready to miss a putt...

One odd occurrance on hole 17 was a drive I had and the ending result was pretty cool! No, not a hole in one...

See anything weird about that pic?

How about this one?
Yep, I stuck it. My disc remained upright... It was funny, it brought smiles, it'll never happen again.


  1. ...and then the wind and rain came....followed closely by the snow. And you knew the elk and the moose couldn't be far behind. (For goodness sake, Kathleen, get a coat on!) ;)

  2. Glad you guys had fun, while us girls got to nap.


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