Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sure, It's Raining.

Sure, its raining out this morning and a little nasty storming... but so what. I offer you some memories of what we don't have outside anymore...

No more snow! No more ice! (Our back yard earlier this year)

No more exclusively gray, white, and black scenery!

No more moose walking through my back yard! (You don't believe it? What, you don't have any mountains in your backyard?)

Most of all, thank goodness... no more having to save my damsel in distress when the elk start fighting! She looks sincerely distressed doesn't she?

So, I don't mind the rain. It brings growth and warmth and all the colors of spring. The two pictures above were from the Milwaukee Public Museum. My parents and Kathleen and I when to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exihibit. It was cool! We bummed around the rest of the museum also, hence the pictures of random wild beasts.  Catch you later.

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  1. What??? Look outside your window today! And watch out for the elk and moose!


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