Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Struggle...

I struggle constantly with trying to post something other than Avery on this blog... It is of course a way to update on the life and happenings of all the Z's after all. Supposedly. At least that what the title banner says. I just can't help it! Here she is again in an adorable summer outfit from our friend Connie who has been giving us truckloads (I mean truckloads!) of little girl clothes that her little cutie outgrew and now our little cutie is all to happy to sport on her own! (Thanks Connie!)

The above picture is a little trick that Grandma Z and Uncle Nathan taught Avery a couple days ago. How many of you are familiar with "How big are you!?!" "So-o-o-o-o-o-o-oooo... Big!!!"

That's Avery giving it half the commitment that she normally does. Avery would also like to thank Uncle Nathan not only for teaching her something new...

but also for replying to Avery's picture messages with a picture message!

Thanks Uncle Nate... she loved it!

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  1. Nathan is pretty big too, I think! Besides, he had to balance out the gangsta actions he taught her with some toddler actions, doncha think? Word!

    JK! Sorta...


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