Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stealing from Walmart!?!

Friday was nice day to hang out with the family and get a few things done around the house. One thing we had been putting off for a while was going grocery shopping. It got to the point that we just had to go. You been there? So, we went to Walmart (of course) and did about 2 hours of shopping. Well, to be fair, maybe 4 minutes of that was actual shopping. I tend to visit with past associates when I see them and they are still interested in visiting with me when I make it back out to the Hartford store. On this particular day, the visiting proved to be quite a distraction for me. Enough of a distraction that I had no idea and had not possibly fathomed the crime that had occurred right in front of me. In fact, I would venture to say that it may have happened quite close to literally under my nose. An unforgivable, unmerciful, and certainly unacceptable crime. Theft. Retail theft. Despicable. Disgusting. "Are you gonna pay for that" and "Go get a job" theft. I shudder once more at the thought.

Theft of what!?! When!?! ...and of course WHY!?!

Now you may think I've just become distracted by my child once again. I'm sorry to say that that is not the case. This picture is sadly connected to this horrific story. Yes, Avery looks happy, doesn't she? That makes this all the more sadder. Take a closer look at what Avery has in her hand... I'll wait.  ...can you see it?

Yes. It's a PS3 game. Yes, Kathleen as well as myself are ashamed. How could you Avery? You broke your mother's heart... and... and... and your father... you can imagine. I'm still having problems.

This particular video game was set on the register belt with all the other items that were going to be purchased at Walmart that day. It should have been the 5th or 6th item to get rung up. Something went wrong though... oh so wrong. While Daddy was talking to the managers on duty at the store, some little person, maybe, dare I say, some little thief, stole it. Her plan was almost foiled too. She even dropped it on the ground and Daddy said to Mommy, "Don't let her break the case, honey!". I'm sure her little heart started beating quicker during that exchange... Mom and Dad were none the wiser however. Then after Mommy put the game in the cart, the managers talking to Dad even made a joking comment about "Hey, someone should check to see if that it paid for, this guy looks suspicious.". I'll bet her little heart picked up beating even faster! Then Daddy even played along and said, "Ask my cashier! She'll vouch for me!". Bump, bum, Bump, bum... (heart beats getting faster) Then the cashier even said to the managers, "I don't remember ringing that up." Avery had to be white knuckled nervous! The managers, like Daddy, took it as a joke! We finished checking out and went home! Success little thief??? She probably thought so. She was home free. Then Daddy checked the receipt when he got home... no video game. Huh!?!

The talk I had with Avery is a talk I hope I will never have to have with any kids of mine again in the future. She understands what she did wrong. Daddy doesn't understand why she did it though. Granted, she doesn't have and money. She doesn't know how to pay for something even if she HAD money, but still. Why? She doesn't even play PS3!?! Oh, well. I'll never know. A sad day for the Z's Friday was. A sad, sad day. Hopefully a lesson learned however. She's grounded for a long time and her bedtime is moved up to 9:30. That'll teach her.


  1. Wait a minute! No paragraph devoted to remedying the situation with Walmart?!! No bringing her back in to confess?! No follow through?! That's my granddaughter's rep you're talking about! ;)

  2. It should be noted that the game was paid in full for by her father, who came to her rescue (this time) and cleared up the whole situation. Her chances of him stepping up to the plate on her behalf in the future are dim.

  3. I hear tell that often people do these things not out of necessity, but for the thrill. I think that was the case!


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