Friday, May 7, 2010

Daddy Daughter Time Outside

Daddy got some Daughter time and spent some of it outside yesterday in the always fun garage! Am I right, folks!?! Whoo Hoo! It was more fun than you would imagine.

Ok. So as you can tell by Avery's face... it didn't start out all that exciting. However, Avery got an idea after a little bit. Lets start learning a sport! Let's do it!

Like most sports, we needed a boundary. This one will do!

Now, what game can we play in a garage!?!
Any ideas, Avery?

Getting closer...

Good idea! You got it! Auntie Sam would be proud.

Now for some action...

Avery wants (to thank) YOU!
(for reading this blog!)


  1. LOVE it!!! :o) Can't believe how fast she's moving! Miss you, Avery! :o) Oh, and thanks for the little square around the ball... it was about that time I lost track of it and couldn't figure out where she needed to go next. ;o)

  2. If you wave your mouse over the box it actually says something goofy. I didn't really think anyone would have trouble finding the ball... except you until now. Lol.

  3. OOOOOooooohhh Mmmmmmyyyyyy Gooossshhh!!! Okay, so I have an extra pair of shin guards, we've got some orange cones in the garage, and she can have my cleats (cuz I need a new pair anyways). They might be a wee bit on the large size, but we'll make'em work. I'm thinking Striker, since she's got those powerful legs and I don't think she's quite up for the attention span & running of Midfielder yet - but we'll get there. 1 week till training begins!

  4. Sounds good! Don't go easy on her, Sam. I don't want no sissy soccer player. If she's going to make it she needs to start a stict training routine like right now. Haha. Lets get to it.

  5. Oh no you don't. My granddaughter is going to be artistic, not sports minded. She's going to be left-brain dominant. Right? Right? Avery????


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