Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whoopin the Brother-in-law

It had to be done.
Yesterday was my first night off of work after my last rotation at work. Since I often find it difficult to go to sleep at the "normal" time after just sleeping part of the morning and afternoon, it is a wonderful thing to be able to visit a friend or relative that can stay up past 10pm with me. Yesterday, brother Jeff was willing to stay up past his bedtime. So, I made the trek down and had some quality time. It wouldn't be a complete visit if there wasn't some cribbage and darts played. It also wouldn't be complete if I didn't point out that I had a pretty respectable night in those areas also! Right, Jeff?

As you can see... occasionally we like to play a few mind games during our game. In this case, I was pushing the intimidation button early. If you know the game of Cricket, you can tell I was trying to make my presence felt.

Those are my marks for bullseye. The result of the game is not very important, but you can probably draw your own conclusions based on the beginning!

Keep practicing Jeff. You'll need it.

Thanks for a good time brother.

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  1. LOL, glad my boys were able to spend some time together. Sounds like it was fun.


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