Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Not Hard...


  1. I was so proud of myself for counting all 15 times on the first try! And while I was counting I even thought to myself "Wow, the black shirts take up a lot more space visually than the white shirts do" during the time they were passing around the gorilla. Without actually noticing the gorilla. Oh my.

  2. I counted right but never saw the gorilla, lol.

  3. 15! And I was aware something was in the way but didn't recognize that a gorilla had passed through. I do love the little hand motion it did though, as if to mock my lack of attention! Plfffft! Right back atcha, Gorilla! I was following directions! Employers love employees who follow directions. Although possibly not as much as one who could recognize a thief in a line-up. ;)

  4. I saw the gorilla.
    But I only got 13 passes.
    Do I win?


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