Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reality Starts to Sink In...

One of my little brothers had a pretty big day yesterday. He took a significant step in his career or a more suitable term would be his "calling". This particular step has him moving for an entire year to Austin, Texas. I feel much shame in the fact that when I first learned of his assignment for the year, my thoughts were pretty selfish at first. I didn't want to accept it. I felt that it was the beginning of something bigger. The beginning of events that would end with all of my siblings living far too far away for my comfort or longing for continued connection and support and, well, just plain family! My sister started these feelings when she became a Minnesota resident a few years ago. I guess it didn't sink in right away because Minnesota still seemed reasonable. Now things are spiraling though. At least in my mind apparently. I have visions of her leaving and moving further away and him spending more than a year across the country some day. See? Selfish thoughts. The real kicker is that both of them are choosing to serve the Lord! How great is that!?! Yet, I still find myself upset at times and weak to see the bigger picture or acknowledge their interests. Something I really have to work on. :-(  I will overcome. Through Him I will overcome.

Of course I want the best for them both and for both of my other siblings that may someday decide that life is taking them further from home and maybe making a home for themselves somewhere else. They are all so talented and amazing to me. Each one. My brother is going to do great and my sister already does. I guess its time I think beyond and accept the Lord's plans. I shudder to think what I will do someday when Avery decides it's time to head out! Yeesh! I'm in trouble. It's a good thing I have a strong wife, right hun?

Just know that I have been thinking a lot about you knuckleheads and I love ya much! The whole family is proud of ya and we'll try not to be too selfish!


  1. Thanks! :) You're right on... I definitely miss being around you guys all the time. Especially when you're all together at home again... and I'm still here. But you're right... its purely selfish on my part too. :) I'm also super excited for Nathan and the work he'll do in Texas... hoping for a TX visit at some point during the year. :) Why is it we never really appreciate our siblings like we should... until they're become far more unavailable? :( And just for the record... we're also all extremely proud of YOU too! :) No doubt about that! I love you far more than I show it!

  2. :-) I'll be back! Maybe I should call more.


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