Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Got What You Were Huntin For!

Just got news today that someone I have been in a mentoring relationship with at work was promoted! It takes me back to the promotions that I have received over the years and the feeling that comes with such an accomplishment. Wow. God is great and How Great Thou Art are thoughts that come to mind. We are all so undeserving and in truth actually deserving of His wrath instead, and yet... he continues and continues to bless us. That thought alone is just plain mind blowing. There is no other relationship like that in existence. None.

So in celebratory congratulations to the once again newly blessed individual...

Congratulations! You got what you were hunting for! :-)

(You know who you are... and I'm not sure if its public knowledge yet. Lol.)

(This sweet pic is from Terry at his blog "Bent Objects". You can check it out through my user profile of blogs I follow. Thanks!)

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