Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wind Powered Blogging From the Past

Driving home from work a couple days ago I found myself staring at a couple monsters that I used to feel were the ones always doing the staring. I used to live between and around about 3 of them that it seemed no matter which way the wind was coming from or which part of the sky the sun was in... at least one of 'em was making its presence know. Now I don't live where they have such a presence and it dawned on me how much I appreciate that! Regardless of what it was like living around the giants in the country... I do remember how interesting it was when began to be raised. Here are a couple pics I managed to take during that summer/fall that it happened.

Here is some of the raw material before it began to really take shape...

The lovely model Kathleen giving us a perspective on the actual magnitude of one of the "creatures" arms...

Milwaukee people and Brewers fans... remember "Big Bertha"? Same size. Different crane. I'm going with "Huge Hank". Can you see the workers waiting for another piece?

How about now?

As a little more time passed. Once again there was a good reminder that when we marvel at the accomplishments of man... its really not just that simple is it?

Nope. There's really a lot more to it...

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