Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Avery's First Date!?!

If you saw yesterday's post you will understand what is going on here... it appears that big man Davin may be taking my little girl out! I have mixed feelings... but at least he appears to be a gentleman.

I'm pretty impressed that he would go through these lengths to please my daughter even after their "ride" breaks down apparently.

It seems that he also is fairly impressed with himself...

...and Avery? Well, she seems pretty smitten by the gesture!

Wait... wha... what's... what's going on here?

No, there is no way. Don't worry Avery, he wouldn't just leave you on the side of the road alone. Not a chance. I know his parents. He was raised better than that.

Are ya kidding me!?! Where is he? Do you see him Avery? What's he doing?!?

Oh wow. Avery... I'm so sorry. It seems that he might just be chasing other girls... older girls... girls with working vehicles it seems. That's it! He's done! No more cruisin with Davin.

Well, Avery. Lesson learned early I guess. Gotta look out for yourself. Your heart is bound to be broken eventually. I just didn't think it would happen this soon. Whatcha gunna do, hey?

Oh! That's what you're gonna do! The only thing you can, huh? Take matters into your own hands! Forget him! Good for you!


  1. That's right Avery! You go girl! (2nd generation)Farm girls know what to do!

  2. That's our girl! Men, do we really need them? Well at lest you don't right now. You have a few years to learn from your Mom and a few others.


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