Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Try to Accurately Represent...

So, the little darling is becoming much less of a little darling on several occasions now. It seems that it all started happening the week after she turned 1 year old. Funny how that seems to happen, hey? I've posted so many picture of a smiling little girl and for the most part that is an accurate representation of Avery thus far. However, now I am going to have to accurately represent the rest of her life and one of these days I am going to get one of her really "good" tantrums on film. On film... hmmm... right. When was the last time anyone put anything actually on film? You know what I mean!

The pictures below were taken as Mommy was trying to change Avery's post breakfast shirt. You will be able to tell what I am talking about with accurately representing our sweet little Avery some days.

It would appear that life is pretty rough, heh? As unemotional and/or discipline focused I seem to be at times during these little "episodes" it is still perplexing to me how I can look at the picture now and a week later start to feel bad for the little angel. Funny how that works.

Here is a video I took that morning as well when I was attempting to catch her crabby in the act... note the unfortunate timing of my laugh at her and then the oh so sympathetic reaction of her Mommy. LOL. I think you will be able to tell what we had already gone through that morning...

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  1. May God help us all if we are 'accurately' represented on the web. ;)


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