Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Times Celebrating Avery

This little girl turned one year old on the 3rd and there was some celebrating! Here she is in her birthday outfit enjoying the great weather we had that day.

Most of the immediate family from both sides were there that day and were lucky enough to enjoy warm weather, a cool breeze, and a big shade tree that was ever so generous to keep us all protected that day. If you look close enough at the picture you can see a great idea for a gift for the G&K Zastrow's.

Yep! They seem to enjoy our only piece of outdoor patio furniture! Spongebob! Go figure. I never had them pegged for the type to go with themed outdoor patio furniture. If anyone wants to go in on it next christmas or whatever, let me know.

Seriously, here they are asking Avery where she got it and as usual, Grampa checking the quality of the chairs.

Overall, it was a good day! Avery couldn't ask for more quality family! She's a blessed little lady! Thanks for coming everyone!

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  1. Much as we love the cockeyed optimism of Sponge Bob, it might be overdone if there are two of the same patio sets the same in the neighborhood. (Don't want to be accused of "keeping up with the Joneses"!) Better make ours "pirates" instead. Much more fitting to GZ'z personality! Aaaargh!

    ::Heh heh-Love you Dear!!::


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