Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Time Out to Eat (Alone) with Avery

I have been one to very seriously make decisions and paths in my life based on the solid and reliable advise I have received from various fortune cookies at any given time in my life. They are so often true and can guide and inspire you at the right time with the right topic. Sure. This is of course after I have finished my Chinese dinner and at said dinner I have also read my horoscope, which advised me to let my dinner guest, Santa Clause, read my palm and give me my life story which as it turns out ends under a rainbow where I find horseshoe that picks all the right numbers for the power ball next week which I cannot play because I was led to the rainbow to die as foretold by Santa. Oh, yeah. Go figure. Turns out I am a leprechaun.  Now I understand my impulse to grow the beard. It all makes sense.

Anyway, one of the above fortune cookie fortunes was in Avery's cookie and the other in my cookie. Any speculation which one was in who's?

Keep in mind that one has been trying to get comfortable walking and just got a haircut a week or two ago before celebrating their first year of life. The other has been alive for a while, doesn't have much hair, and is walking about as good as they'll ever be.

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