Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spending Time with Ian!

This morning Kathleen, Avery, and I were priveleged to make a last minute arrangement (as it always seems to be) to have brunch with our friend Ian at the Shaft in Hartford after church. I was telling Ian how wiggly and crazy our daughter has seemed in recent weeks as she insists to reach for everything and is getting braver and braver with throwing herself at things while we cling on to her for dear life and our own sanity. So, we gave him a shot at it...

He did pretty good! I gotta say that she didn't throw everything she's got at cha though, Ian!


It did get a little wild and I have many "Avery 'n motion" pictures like the one above.

Ian has never had a problem being accepted by any family members almost immediately. Even the "extended family" shown below!

Recently Ian and his new lovely wife and friend of ours, Jennifer, added a family member themselves! Welcome to the family Bernie!

(and get a haircut, Ian... I know someone if you need a connection, she's good.)

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  1. It's getting tougher to get 'non-blurry' pics of Avery, isn't it?! Love the doggie! ::Ahemkeepittooneorlessahem::


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