Saturday, January 16, 2010

Senorita Avery!

Today, Uncle Nathan came to visit and he had just returned from his 2nd trip from Mexico. 2nd! I know. What a fortunate guy. His return had prompted the thought that Avery, when she was way too tiny for it, had received a poncho from Uncle Nathan at her baptism. Let's go get it and see if it fits!

It fits! Not only does it fit...

Avery loves it!

Avery reacted as one might expect her to react in a princess outfit or something of that nature. Instead, her rustic poncho summoned the feelings of glee shown above. I guess she's just a more down to earth girl, huh?

Real down to earth...


  1. LOVE it! LOVE these pictures! Love the blog! Miss you, Miss Avery! :)

  2. Hee Hee! Gotta love it! I'm missin' my little Miss!


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