Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Holidays Are STILL Here?!?

Around here they are. Stockings are still hung. The tree is down, but it isn't carried upstairs yet. Christmas decorations in this house were like guests at a party that were the last ones to arrive and are now the last ones to leave. There always seems to be some conversation (interruption) that stops them from walking out the door. (Even posting updates to a blog.) As you can see from the picture below, there are some remains hanging out at the computer right now. Ribbon, gifts, junk mail, & ornaments still patiently waiting for one of us to carry them back to their summer homes. When will this extended holiday end? Hmm... What a question. A question that I will not answer on this blog. Where does Christmas stand in your house? Answer the poll at the top of the page and let me know if we stand alone in our patheticness. I'm sure it will be gone by Valentines Day.

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