Friday, January 15, 2010

Avery Test Video

So, sometimes you sit right on top of a piece of technology that you either don't have the time to learn or don't feel the need to use. I have began to eliminate the possibility that I don't have the time to learn it and am now going to find out if I feel that I ever need it. Even if I don't end up needing it... it's pretty cool! I took this video from my phone today and uploaded it with one touch of a button from my phone to youtube. No cables, no wires, no nothing, except my phone. The quality is okay I guess. I haven't figured out if it is also something I have not learned yet or if this is as good as it gets with the camera on my phone. Then again, it dawns on me that I didn't even check to see if the lense was smudged as it often is. Anyway, enjoy this short vid as I test this out for future use (or not).

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