Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feeding Time!

Today I was looking as some pictures that were taken in the last couple months and I found myself wondering why we had so many pictures of Avery being fed by different relatives... Here are uncles Jeff and Nathan giving it a shot...

I just don't get it... Why did we feel so inclined to snap pictures of Avery being fed when we do that very thing with baby food about twice a day?

Who would mind feeding this little pumpkin?

Ooooohhhhhh... yeah... that's right!

Now I seem to be able to remember why it was a point of interest! It wasn't our brothers abilities with feeding a baby... it was our Avery's ability to be fed!

She's much better at it now. Hence the reason I had lapse in memory. I might have a similiar picture of myself eating BBQ ribs somewhere. Just kidding, I'm not foolish enough to allow evidence of that.


  1. Why WOULDN'T you want pictures of her?!! :) Still, in the case of the bottom photo, I believe it was the 'feeder' rather than the 'fed'. ;)

  2. LOL, Jeffrey thought we were all setting him up.


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