Monday, January 18, 2010

Put Your Hands in the Air!

Apparently life is a party (I mean, Pa-a-a-r-t-e-e-e!) when you are Avery visiting Grandma L's house...

Put your hands in the air and let me hear ya say...



To the Left!!! To the Left!!!

To the Right! To the Right!

Man, that's a good time!

Thanks to Grandma for the good times and thanks to uncle Nathan for my party clothes from Ecquador!


  1. Hey no fair! I was going to post 'em. Oh well, I have something else....

  2. Well what can we say....we are just party people. To funny Adam.

  3. Love it! When I got those pics from her, that one just cracked me up too! :) Also, I'd like to point out that, maybe we should just let mommy take care of teaching Avery which side is her left and which side is her right. ;o) You've done enough, Daddy. ;o) I feel bad for the PK/K teacher who has to help Avery re-learn (correctly this time) which way is right and which is left.


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