Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunny Days

I'm not really the bright sun type. I tend to want to spend time outside when it is a little overcast, breezy, and cool. Humid and in the 80's is not my idea of the most ideal weather. So, when a couple days ago the family was outside, I had the opportunity to snap a few photos of Avery enjoying the sun. It was a nice day!

Yes. What you are seeing is right. Both, and I mean both, Herman and Avery are sleeping while sitting upright. What are the chances?

Surveying the landscape...

This little guy was hiding under the top of our propane tank. He was a sparkly white that didn't catch in the photo.

Its a good thing he could disguise himself a little... because you never know who's out there!


  1. I MISS YOU, AVERY!!! Stop growing for a little while... please!??! ;)

  2. Avery!!
    Tell your parents to take a vacation to Austin when it gets cold up there. We'll go see the Alamo, eat lots of brisket, and catch some live music. Lodging is on me!


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