Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun in the Park

Miller Park that would be. Granted I am assuming that more people other than myself had fun. However, you will notice in the following pictures that I personally had a good time!

Have you ever wanted to attend an MLB game and just take in the sights?

Just enjoy the crowd and get into the game with fellow spectators...

Then someone starts snapping pictures... great. Who's the guy trying to be slick over there?

No flash, so not everyone notices right away...

Wait... hold on... now you see the guy. Sure enough. He's actually trying to snap pictures on the sly! What a loser. The nerve of this guy!

You're just trying to enjoy the game! Can't he just leave you alone and watch the game!?!

It's enough to make a person...


Sorry, Nate. I had to use the picture. :0)

Good times though! Thanks for coming brothers!

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