Saturday, August 14, 2010

County Fair!

Avery went to her second county fair earlier this summer and by almost all accounts perceived... had a blast! Her first carousel ride was a little shaky at first and she clutched pretty tight to uncle Brad the first ride. Here she is with Mommy having a pretty good time her 3rd time around.

Uncle Brad was the first one to take her on the carousel and as you can see (before the ride started) Avery looked a little nervous...

Ah, now she's relaxing a little! As she should. Her knight in, uh, patterned armor (?) is standing right next to her! : )

Why is it that Uncles always get to be the cool ones!?!

Is it the shades?

That's gotta be it...


  1. I must say in the first photo w/ Brad, I'm not sure who is more skeptical about this match-up!


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