Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh Brother What A Summer

Looking at a few pictures that I had yet to "file" today made me think of my brother Nathan who has moved out of state and then leads my mind to think of my brother Brad who will moving back out of state soon. There is a large difference of accessibility to Wisconsin again through the next year. However, one similarity is that neither one will be as conveniently as available as they have been through this summer.

The most exciting part of the summer has to be what they were able to witness and see with little Avery growing and learning so many things. Those are memories they won't forget and will be able to reflect on as they see her get confirmed, graduate, and maybe even (shudder) marry some day. Wow. I can't imagine.

There was one day towards the beginning of the summer that Brad and Nate stopped by and both of them spent a good amount of time playing with a particular family member or two.

Nathan's time that afternoon was spent with Avery who was just getting comfortable trying to walk. As long as someone had her hand at that time she kinda, sorta, okay, barely was able to step along a little.

Actually, back then I believe that both hands were still necessary. I remember thinking that Nathan was remarkably patience and stuck with her for quite a while.

Those summer days are over however and Avery will have accomplished much by the time Uncle Nathan sees her again. We are happy we had them though!

As for the other brother and then other family members mentioned...

Enjoy him while you still have him boys! :-)

... and thank goodness for pictures! Sometimes they last longer than memories! I guess they are an insurance plan of sorts!

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