Friday, February 5, 2010

Wild Child

Avery is becoming more and more a blurr every day. Not the kind of blurr you have when trying to remember something. I'm talking about the kind of blurr the roadrunner makes when he flies by the coyote. Wait, that may be a cloud of dust. You get the point. She is NEVER sitting still. It becomes a full time job at times to keep a handle on a little girl that is constantly twisting, turning, lunging, jumping, & rolling in every possible direction at any possible time. Tonight we spent some time with Mom, Pops, & brother Nathan. Nathan's birthday is coming up on Tuesday and sometimes open occasions are hard to come by for any group of the Zastrows... so the stars aligned and it worked out tonight. Here is Nathan holding Avery... see if you notice any blurr.

Oops! She spotted us!

Then, suddenly... after a few mittens and a hat... the animated, crazy girl will turn into a stone faced statue out of nowhere. It's too bad it happened as Grandma was saying goodbye. I've been there. I speculate that she will be a decent poker player one day because when she decides it, nothing, and I mean nothing, will snap the poker face off of this girl! This kid confuses me at times... :) or maybe its because she a girl...

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