Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Grandpa's Birthday!

Yep! This time we celebrated Grandpa Z's birthday!
Do you see a common thread between the Grandpas' birthdays? Do you?

How about in the second picture? Anything? Or rather... anyone? I'll give you a hint... pink overalls.

Avery seems to be hoarding in on the birthdays in this family lately.

I think I might have figured out why. She's got her eye on something similiar this time around also...
I guess she really is Daddy's little girl... we share similiar interests I see. Hmmm... I wonder if Grandpa Z is as much of a push over as Grandpa L?

Well, first signs point to the answer being no...

After a second look, I'm not so sure though.

Everyone has been commenting lately on how quickly Avery is growing... do you think it's the mustache and soul patch that prompt the comments?


  1. If she's growng that, she's probably spending too much time with the guys. ;) Needs to spend more time with the grandmas, doncha think?


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