Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"2009 is the Beginning of Fatherhood"

I am pretty sure that I started the craze we now know as Facebook in the beginning of 2009. I remember being well behind a lot of people and signing on just to check it out. When Facebook wanted me to put in a lot of personal information that told people a little about me... there was one thing that immediately popped in my mind. That thought was about my future child that I knew nothing of and the little person that consumed so much in Kathleen and my heart and mind everyday at that time. The feelings we had at that time are utterly and truly indescribable (at least if you want to do them justice). So, when Facebook told me to type a sentence or paragraph and suggested it be about myself or whatever my motto was, I typed "2009 is the beginning of fatherhood".

I glanced at my Facebook account today and noticed it once again. For a split moment, my only thought was, "Hey, it's 2010 now. Maybe I need to change that.". I didn't change it. Today happened to be a day with Avery that tried my patience a little. Reflecting on how I felt about becoming a father and how I felt after I realized I was a father, makes the irritation I felt today seem pretty foolish and down right sinful. For those moments of weakness, I apologize, little Avery. I thank the Lord for the father I had in my life... the second father I now have in my life... and for the Father we've all had, even before our lives began, during our current lives, and into our life eternal.

The Dad's with my beautiful bride...

Baby Avery at peace in the Grandpa's arms...

She knows why they call them GRANDpa's...

I hope to be grand to you also Avery... as these men were grand far before you were even born...


  1. Amen! And...you will! And...you already are.

  2. Love it! :) Almost made me cry! Shhh... don't tell. Dad certainly is a "grand" dad... and you have been too! Keep up the good work! :o) Take all the time you've got with your little pumpkin for all its worth... because it'll fly by before you know it. :) And of course, the teacher in me can't help but encourage you to read, read, READ!!! Almost zero screen time would be fabulous as well. :o) Did I mention, READ?!?! Yeah. Its that important. :o)

  3. I'd have to agree with Steph - and you have no excuses - you've got plenty of books to start with! Oh, and why does it seem like almost every picture of her includes a "NUK" - bad for her speech and bad for her soon to be coming teeth. (Just saying...)

  4. Speaking up for Miss Avery, as her grandma, she doesn't use the pacifier very often! It's tough to get a baby picture and if a pacifier helps that....plug 'er in for a few seconds! ;)


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