Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grandpa L's Birthday

Monday was Grandpa L's birthday! Getting to be quite an old man! I kid. Quite honestly, this last year he has seemed younger than I personally ever remember him to be. Not bad for someone in the 50's to be seemingly growing younger, eh? There were a few key photo moments that I gotta share and thanks to Grandma L. willing to comply to my requests for email pics, I can!

First Kathleen has been been desiring to do some cake decorating for quite some time. She has always wanted to try her hand at it. She regularily watches "Cake Boss", "Ace of Cakes", and "The Challenge" on the food network and is envious of the cake decorating skills those professionals make look so easy. So when the idea of a cribbage board cake came up, she couldn't resist taking a crack at it. Not to shabby! There's a game I could get in to! What!?! I lost!?! Oh well! Time to eat the board!

As you can see by the little hand sneaking in the above picture... someone else was interested in the cake also. In fact, she couldn't keep her hands off of it... and Grandpa didn't exactly fight it anyhow.

She DID get her hands on it. Then she decided to give it a try... not a successful try however. I wish I had a photo of the face we all caught a glimpse off. It was priceless... " Yuck! Too Sweet!!!"

After dinner and dessert... what's missing? Oh, yeah. A little music and entertainment of course! Luckily Uncle Jeff just restrung Grandpa L's guitar and decided to try it out. Avery's seat was pretty good for the show and then...

Someone bumped her right up to front row! Then it seemed like the solo act sang right to her! Who's birthday was it anyway!?! It seemed that Avery was the one receiving the royal treatment! Oh well, Grandpa has had soooooo many birthdays already, right?


  1. Awww... love these photos! Happy (late) Birthday JP! :o) Looks like a fun time!

  2. Love those pics! Happy B-day JP! Don't worry---he'll be there soon enough, and God willing we'll still be around to rub it in! :) Nice cake Kathleen! (No one around here would argue with you being in charge of our cakes from now on!) ;) And one more thing...we heard the concert from the basement, and we too, were waving our lighters back and forth! Good job, Jeff!


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