Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm just not surprised anymore...

Today everyone around here is not at their best health wise.  It could be a lot worse but the kids are coughing and have yucky noses, and I feel like I have a helium balloon where my head should be.  So today is without a doubt a lazy day.  

Yup, lazy day, watching Monster's Inc. currently, next up Nomeo and Juliet.  Sorry, no picture of me in all my lazy glory.  Your welcome. ;)

Even though we are all feeling crummy, I really needed to get Adam's dress shirt's done. I just put up a new bar in my laundry closet to hang his shirts until I get a chance to iron them.  I am pretty happy about it too, and anything that can make you happy when it comes to ironing Walmart shirts over and over and over again is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

After I got them all hung up I noticed a little something yellow in the back of the dryer.  Let's have a closer look...

Big Bird's beak from a foam puzzle just chilling in the back of the dryer.  At first I sorta chuckled a bit about it, but then I was just thankful that it didn't ruin all of Adam's shirts, especially seeing he just bought 6 new Walmart ones.  I'm just not surprised... I've come to learn that is life with kids.  Like about a month and a half ago when Levi put Wheat Thins in the disc drive of Adam's PS3.  Guess I need to take an extra look in the dryer and make sure the next time it isn't crayons or something. 

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  1. What? IRON?! WHY do you have to IRON them?! This isn't 1950! They look perfect hanging there already! As many wrinkles as you get out of them, there will be that many or more back in by the time he arrives at work. "Work smarter-not harder!" :) Don't believe me? Ask him if he ironed his shirts before you got married. Then do the same (if he's honest with you and doesn't try to pull the wool over your eyes.) ;) Not that he EVER would. ;)


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