Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kids and Animals...

Today Avery had her very first school pictures.

I know right?!

Her teacher had suggested that if you could be there to help direct them that it would be helpful.
So I went, and lets just say it was interesting.  I line of toddlers having to wait their turn is enough for mass chaos, but then having them have to sit still in this huge set up was really a whole other thing as well.  Most of the kids did well, to my surprise, and there were a few melt downs due to being afraid of the set up.  So really it wasn't too bad.  I had a hard time getting Avery to sit still and to not give me the "cheesy, I'm smiling because Mom told me to smile".  But like I said all in all not bad, and I am sure the photo will be cute and someday it will bring me back to that time in her life and I will laugh at how cute her cheesy smile was.

But then.

I had to take it one step further. 

I mean, Avery was all prettied up already and it was a really nice day today.

Plus it doesn't take much to slap a cute outfit on Levi and wipe the graham cracker goo off his face.

And so I decided that today was the day that I was going to take Levi's 18 month pictures and Avery's 3 year pictures.

Avery did fairly well, I just had to try and find the "real" smile I know is hiding in there.  Levi did okay too.  He is definitely a stubborn child (they all have their moments anyway) and considering it can be hard to get him to do anything he doesn't want to do, and considering they both were very tired, I was happy to get a few adorable pictures of my babies. 

Yup, those are my silly babies.  They both passed out in the car.  Avery didn't really nap when we got home, but Levi is waking up as I finish this blog post.  :)

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  1. Ha! Adorable! Just think, in a few short years the height ratio will be reversed! ::Whooosh!:: What was that-the sound of time flying out the window?!! Yup. It happens to everyone.


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