Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monster Cookies

A friend of mine always gets the kids something yummy or makes them something yummy whenever we get together.  She is way to good to them!  They love it, I mean looooove it!  The last treat she brought them was probably their favorite yet!

Come on, who wouldn't want a cookie like that?

Yes, that is a bite of Avery's dinner still in her mouth.  We put her dessert right in front of her, and told her she had to finish that bite if she wanted to have the Monster Cookie!  We are so mean aren't we?!

I think Levi wasn't quite sure why his food was looking back at him. ;)  Trust me it didn't take long for him to know what was going on, and he dug right in.

And it didn't take Avery long to get that bite of dinner down so she could move on to this so tasty and adorable treat!  Amazing how dessert motivation can work on a kid hey? 

Thanks again for the treats Jenny!!!

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