Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vacation for Daddy!

The last time Adam was on vacation was after Levi was born!  He did take an extra week of vacation right after his paternity leave because all of our family was visiting some even flying in for the blessing that was Levi's baptism. Yea, so it's been a while since we have had any quality time with Daddy....

Funny enough I didn't know he was taking vacation until about 2 weeks before he took it, but hey.... Whatever.  I don't really care when it is.  I was just happy to spend some extra time with him and I know two other little rugrats that were very happy too!

Levi who is increasingly fascinated by buttons was on cloud nine when Daddy finally let him get a hold of that controller.

"Here Dad, I'll help you kill the bad guy!"

"No, NOooo, you're gonna kill our guy Dad!  Let me do it."

Hmm, wonder what these two will be bonding over next?

Then there was this little girl...

She was so happy to have Daddy fix her hair.

I was a little bit frightened to hand over the blow dryer....   Can you blame me?  Look at how much hair that little girls has!?!  But I was shooed away so I let him handle it.

Maybe I was being shooed away because I had a camera in my hand.... Nah, that can't be it! ;)

Well, everything turned out A-OK!

We were getting ready to leave for Walmart that day, while I ran around getting last minute stuff together these guys enjoyed a little Max & Ruby.  

I wish I had someone around all the time to occupy the kids while I get ready and pack up the diaper bag/ car!  Well, I say everyday but I think you all know how it is...

Me:  When do you go back to work honey?

Adam: Not soon enough.....


Really though, we all enjoyed having him around for the week!

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  1. Ahahahaha! Well, at least you agree on that! And as harsh as it sounds, it spotlights the dilemma we all face: We all chose, and are better at what we do than the other guy, but we are also all interdependant. So why then, do we not appreciate the job the "other guy" does and the fact that they are willing to do what we aren't either willing to do or are good at? Never mind....I know why. Shame on us, eh?


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